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Also has a sushi bar. The river buses operate between the Landesmuseum (near the Hauptbahnhof) along the Limmat River and out in the Zürichsee (Zürich Lake) to Tiefenbrunnen. Offers comparatively cheap beers and mead. They have a variety of events, including music, film and theatre. However, you should note that most of them do not replicate the hallmark smooth movement of the second hand for.5 seconds followed by the.5 second pause that is characteristic of real SBB railway clocks, but they do replicate the clock face. Permission is only granted if a business follows all of the strict security, health, social security and tax regulations imposed by the city, doesn't put any undue pressure on the sex workers, ensures their health and guarantees violence prevention. Edit Zoo, Zürichbergstrasse 221,. Located directly next to the Limmat in the old town of Zurich. Due to this, it has been continuously ranked as the city with the highest living standard world-wide for many years. Plunge forward and help us make it a star! A typically Swiss bread is the Zopf, a braided soft bread made from white flour, milk, eggs, butter and yeast that is commonly served on Sundays (the other name for it is Sonntagszopf, or in High German Butterzopf or its luxury version called Buurezopf (Farmer's. The old town offers beautiful alleys, restaurants and shopping mainly aimed at younger consumers.

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The comfortable, modern 3* owner-run hotel is located just a few minutes away from the city centre. Because of the high local request, prices can be quite high. Edit China, Mythenquai 100, ( email protected. The hill in the heart of the old town. Closed for lunch on Saturday and all day on Sunday. Nevertheless, you shouldn't count on it because sometimes the "rent" spots run out of bikes. However, due to the far distance to the sea and the lack of original, well-trained Chinese/ Japanese cooks, the quality cannot live up to that of the original countries. Pizzeria Molino, Limmatquai 16 ( near Stauffacher. The Swiss Pass by Swiss Travel System is valid on all public transport in Zurich and, if you are a tourist visiting most of Switzerland, this may be your best way to saving both money and time spent trying to figure out zones, routes, and. Students can get cheap last minute tickets (10 minutes before the show) if they show their student. New Velvet, Ankerstrasse 116, (near Helvetiaplatz nice little brazilian bar with cool music and cooler people. Just next to Switzerland's second tallest building and again a commuter's culmination point just about 4 km west of Zurich.

828 86/87. Zurich is known for its superb hotels, but these won't come cheap. Despite the closure of many such places over the past decade, there are also some strip clubs in the city, which are often called nightclubs or cabarets. Local productions are almost exclusively consumed locally, only 1-2 are being exported. Edit Rex, Weinbergstrasse 92, ( email protected, fax: 41 (0). Staff is very friendly and service is great. German Swiss national and international media agencies as well as the German Swiss national TV channel company are also located here. Enjoy delicious dining options and convenient meal hours at the hotels on-site restaurant. Touristy, but good and large portions. They are quartz, and the price may seem a little inflated to you (130-180CHF). Nice terrace in the summer. We believe these places to be upstanding businesses, but we still recommend employing simple common sense when delving into the world of adult entertainment. Trains from/to the airport, the northern suburbs, Winterthur,.

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The canton of Valais includes the famed Matterhorn in Zermatt and other gorgeous scenery, and you can reach it in 3 hours and 11 minutes with one change. 20h-24h Wed, Thu, Sun, summer only. Available in their stores on Bahnhofstrasse and various other locations, or in department stores. Globus and Jelmoli are two fiercely competitive department stores, both of whom carry items from many high-end brands. Old Romanesque church, symbol of reformed Zurich, where reformer Huldrych Zwingli was appointed the people's priest in 1519. Hotel Splendid, Rosengasse 5, 137.